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At the 21st Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change or COP21 in Paris, Ukraine declared the commitment to conduct an active policy to reduce anthropogenic GHG emissions in order to limit the dangerous global temperature change and implement the new climate agreement that is to take effect from 2021, including using market and non market instruments for achieving commitments.


One of the most effective tools of GHG emission reductions and economically justifiable way is emission trading system. Ukraine has an obligation under the Annex XXX, Chapter 6 "Environment", Title V «Economic and sectoral cooperation", Unit "Climate change and protecting the ozone layer" of the Association Agreement with the EU to gradually align its legislation with the EU legislation in accordance with certain schedule in particular to the implementation of the Directive 2003/87/EU on the establishment of emissions trading of GHG.


In addition, under the obligation to implement Directive 2009/28/EU Ukraine should monitor and provide GHG reporting for renewable sources in transport. It includes the reduction of GHG emissions from the production and use of transport fuels, biofuels and bioliquids. The emissions from biofuels and bioliquids are taken into account at stages of the extraction or cultivation of raw materials (possible effect from direct and indirect land-use change is also are considered), processing of raw materials, transportation and distribution of raw materials or biofuels and bioliquids. Also it is necessary take into account all the possible reductions of GHG at these stages, which can result from improved agricultural management during growth, carbon capture and geological storage or replacement during processing and excess electricity generation from cogeneration.


Our company provides comprehensive services in the calculation of GHG emissions into the atmosphere in all these sectors with the potential of design in projects that generate GHG emission reductions and can provide interrelated services resulting from the introduction of appropriate technologies, finding and implementing carbon assets at the global market, conducting carbon audits to ensure optimization of GHG emissions at enterprises through effective monitoring and etc.


We have extensive experience in implementing similar projects under the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. The list of projects is given in other bullets.



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