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Home Energy Conservation Projects in Agricultural Sector Implementation of pig manure utilization technology for heat and power generation
Implementation of pig manure utilization technology for heat and power generation Print E-mail
CJSC «Buhmatskyi Ugrurnyi Soiyz»
Services Provided:
Energy audit conducting, production of energy capacity determination. The calculation of FER unit costs. Development of energy saving measures, including SER usage (pig manure), techno-economic calculations of energy saving measures
Project title:
Implementation of pig manure utilization technology for heat and power generation
Suggested technologies:
Combustion of pig manure
Biogas production from pig manure
Combustion of pig manure - $ 9,5 million
Biogas production - $ 10 million
Potential suppliers of the basic equipment:
«Enerhomashproject»; HURST boiler & welding CO., INC; Naturgas; Envitec Biogas; «Tehinservise»; DEUTZ; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
Project Location:
Ukraine, Lygansk region, Novolugansk village

Project summary

The project envisages the reduction of energy consumption at pig farm at CJSC “BAS”, which is produced from electric grid on the basis of fossil fuel due to the implementation of the modern technology of pig manure utilization with the further production of electricity on the basis of steam boilers and turbo generator or biogas and cogeneration facility.

Technical aspects of the project

The project includes the building of energy complex, utilizing 330 t/day of pig manure at CJSC “BAS” and production of electricity.

Two basic projects are proposed:

  1. Steam turbine energetic complex (STEC);
  2. Biogas energetic complex (BGEC)

STEC project building includes manure dryer, straw pulverizer, steam boiler, steam turbine, generator, the system of smoke gases refinement, subsidiary equipment.

BGEC project6 building includes mixer, biogas reactors, cogeneration facility, biochemical treatment, the system of smoke gases refinement, auxiliary equipment.

Energy, produced at STEC and BGEC, is planned to be used for CJSC “BAS” own needs, and the rest of electricity is planned to be sold to the electrical grid.

Effectiveness of the project

Energy complex of pig manure utilization implementation at CJSC “BAS” leads to the usage of the existing secondary energy resource (manure, SER) more effectively for electricity production.

It’ll lead to the reduction of costs for electricity generating, reduce the electric component of product cost price, and improve the ecological characteristic of the production and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Implementation of STEC and BGEC at CJSC “BAS” will lead to the non-fuel electricity production of 18,86 mio.kW-g/year volume.

The main techno-economic indexes of compressor aggregates

Energy complex Electric capacity, MW Electricity production,
mio. kW-g/year
Emission reduction units,
ths. t СО2екв/year
Mineral fertilizers,
ths. t/year
STEC 2,5 18,86 83 4,7
BGEC 2,5 18,86 83 3,6

Project socio-economic consequences

The project implementation will have the raw of socio-economic consequences for the enterprise and region, such as:

  • reduction of the production cost of the final production, increase of its competitiveness, and also the realization of similar products stimulation at the other steel enterprises;
  • economic condition improvement in the region due to the increase of money deduction to the budgets of all levels, including the social needs, preventing of the work places amount reduction and assistance to working conditions improvement;
  • renewal of the economic activity due to the attraction of native engineers, contractors for project implementation;
  • improvement of the general resource efficiency and also the improvement of Agroholding “Avangard” position at the production market.

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