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Home Energy Conservation Projects in Steel Sector Modernization of converter gas utilization system of Dneprovsky Integrated Iron and Steel Works named after Dzershinsky
Modernization of converter gas utilization system of Dneprovsky Integrated Iron and Steel Works named after Dzershinsky Print E-mail
PJSC “Dneprovsky Integrated Iron and Steel Works named after Dzershinsky”
Services provided:
Energy saving project initiation, development of functional specification, criteria development of equipment selection, participation in tender as the expert organization, expert analysis of provided suggestions, accompaniment of perproject works
Project title:
Modernization of converter gas utilization system of Dneprovsky Integrated Iron and Steel Works
named after Dzershinsky
Facility amount:
2 units

JP Steel Plantech Co.
Project location:
Ukraine, Dnyprovsk region, Dniprodzerzhinsk city

Project summary

The project envisages the reduction of purchasedl fuel consumption due to the effective utilization of fuel secondary energetic resources of a steel production – converter gas. Modernization of converter gas utilization system at two existing convertors and their implementation at one new converter at PJSC “DIISW” with the volume of 250 t. will lead to generating of 60 ths. m3/year of converter gas with 1740 kcal/Hm 3 caloricity.

Modernization (implementation) of converter gas utilization system due to more total (effective) utilization of both the energy of its physic heat and chemical energy will increase to effective use of energy potential increase in 1,2 times in comparison with the existing one.

Technical aspects of the project

The project includes the reconstruction of converter gas utilization system at two existing converters at PJSC “DIISW” and building of the modern utilization system at the new converter (it has to be built).

The project of converter gas utilization system reconstruction at the existing converter of PJSC “DIISW” also includes the organization of converter and heat boiler hermetic connection with the help of thicken cap for oxygen access into the heat boiler protection, reconstruction of heat-boiler, building of threeway valve of converter gas flow interruption between gasholder and torchlight tube and also ventilator, stop armature and regulative one. Besides the gasholder has to be provided to reserve converter gas.

The total annual (perspective) production of converter gas is 528 mio. Hm3/year.

The usage of converter gas is planned at the own steam and power electric station, which is being built at the mill for fuel generation.

The potential of converter gas will permit to generate almost 48 MW of electricity.

The main techno-economic indexes of compressor aggregates

Converter Heat boiler Energy production at steam and power facility, mio. –h. Economy of natural gas in the process of electric and thermal energy, mio. m3/year
Production of converter steel, mio. t/year Generation of converter gas, ths. m3/year Production of heat energy, GJl/year Production of saturated steam, t/year
6,8 60 673 606 28 420 160,96

Project efficiency

The project aims to increase the effectiveness of converter gas utilization at PJSC “DIISW” and thus to achieve the reduction of fossil fuel consumption of the natural gas to produce thermal and electric energy. The main indexes of effectiveness are pointed at the table.

Project socio-economic consequences

The project implementation will have the raw of socio-economic consequences for the mill and region, such as:

  • сreduction of the production cost of the final production, increase of its competitiveness, and also the realization of similar products stimulation at the other steel enterprises;
  • economic condition improvement in the region due to the increase of money deduction to the budgets of all levels, including the social needs, preventing of the work places amount reduction and assistance to working conditions improvement;
  • renewal of the economic activity due to the attraction of native engineers, contractors for project implementation;
  • improvement of the general resource efficiency and also the improvement of PJSC “DIISW” position at the production market.
Similar projects have been initiated at PJSC “Yenakievo Iron and Steel Works”, PJSC “Azovstal iron and Steel Works”, “ISD DUNAFERR” Co. Ltd. (Hungary).

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