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Energy audit is a technical examination of the power consumption by object to identify energy saving opportunities and further assistance in the implementation of measures to ensure energy savings in practice.

Energy audit can solve several important problems:

  1. To identify sources of unreasonable consumption of electricity and heat;
  2. To conduct a complex of full-scale measures to remove all identified deficiencies;
  3. To develop short and long-term highly efficient work program which can significantly reduce energy consumption through the introduction of the most advanced energy-saving equipment.

Institute for Environment and Energy Conservation offers services for the following types of energy audits:

  • Express audit;
  • Full instrumental examination;
  • Complex energy audit;
  • Investigation of technological processes.

The terms of conducting if these examinations depend on the scale and geographical situation of the object (we work both in Ukraine and other countries), the amount of energy consumption and other solvable tasks during its examination.

The Institute aims to be an officient and to execute works professionaly that is why it has its own equipment laboratory for energy audit, permitting to conduct instrumental examinations to solve broad spectrum of tasks. We are sure in the quality of our work, because we execute energy examinations by instruments, which are registered and have certificates on verification.

For any questions related to energy audits or other energy examinations, please contact us:

Heat and Energy Conservation Department Director:

Mr. Alexey Samchenko



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