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Construction of a plant for production of fuel pellets from biomass Print E-mail
Vin-pelleta Ltd.
Services provided:
Project initiation and partly investment participation in construction of the plant for producing of fuel pellets out of straw
Project title:
Construction of a factory for producing of fuel pellets from biomass plant
Proposed technologies:
Dry biomass granulation technology
18,14 mio. Euros
Supplier of capital equipment:
Amandus Kahl GMBH
Project location:
Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast, uts. Turbiv

Project summary

The project envisages the construction of the plant for the producing of fuel pellets in Turbiv urban-type settlement, Vinnytsia Oblast, with the capacity of 150 ths. t/year of finished product out of straw of wheat, rape, corn, sunflower and wood residue. The finished product will be realized at Ukrainian and European Union markets. In consequence of raw materials (straw) supply for the producing of pellets out of farms of Vinnytsia Oblast the problem of utilization of plant growing waste is profitably solved.


Technical aspects of the project

The project envisages the construction of two parallel production lines with the capacity of 12 t/h each one. The total pellets production will be 150 ths. t/year in case of round-the-clock production process.

The composition of project construction forms capital and auxiliary equipment. The capital equipment forms grinder of straw bales, accumulative bunkers, pelleting presses, coolers and dryers, packaging machines. The auxiliary equipment forms harvesting agricultural machinery, such as combines for the bale binding, tractors, loaders etc. 


Project efficiency

The project of construction of pellets plant has high financial and investment indexes, which are stipulated by growing demand on pellet fuel, neither at foreign nor at home markets. Availability of the raw materials in substantial volumes does this project more attractive and efficient. Ensuring of this production by raw materials is one of the more important goals. Straw of wheat, rape, soya and sunflower is used as the raw materials. They are growing in Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi and Cherkasy Oblasts. Pellets plant project has the payback period of 5,5 years with taking into account of all expenses and revenues.

The main techno-economic indexes of the plant for producing of fuel pellets

Production capacity,


Type of raw materials

Consumption of raw materials,


Electric power,


Amount of workers,


150 000
160 000

Project socio-economic consequences

The project implementation will have the raw of socio-economic consequences for the region, such as:

  • will assist in using of alternative fuel , especially that, that is accessible in this region, and also will stimulate the realization of similar projects in other regions of Ukraine;
  • will improve the economical situation in the region at the expense of increase of assessment to budgets of all levels, particularly for the social needs, will prevent the labor saving and will assist in improvement of work conditions;
  • will enliven the economic activity by attraction of local engineers, contractors for the project implementation.
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