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Home Environment Projects Utilization of waste (used) tires of Rosava plant
Utilization of waste (used) tires of Rosava plant Print E-mail
CJSC «Rosava» Bila Tserkva city, Kyiv region 
Services Provided:
Energy saving project initiation, techno-economic calculation of project implementation, expert analysis of techno-economic equipment characteristics
Project title:
Utilization of waste (used) tires of Rosava plant
Facility amount:
2 units
at the first stage – 55 mio. euro;
at the second stage – 33 mio. euro.
Nippon Steel Corporation (Japan)
Project Location:
Ukraine, Kyiv region,
Bila Tserkva city

Project summary

Full cycle of industrial production of automobile tires will operate without additional energy costs for disposal of used tires and defective and environmental pollution.

Exploitation of recycling used tires will be made by CJSC "Rosava", the company that manufactures tires. It’ll get the necessary licences for electricity production, purchasing and its exploitation.


Technical aspects of the project

Pyrolysis installation shouid ensure a reliable and highly efficient, environmentally friendly way to convert used tires in safe hazardous waste substances and contribute the replacement of natural gas as fuel.

The project activity will supersede the supplying of fossil fuels from the national electricity grid, and thus will reduce   CO2 emissions.

The main technical aspects of the project


Emission reduction СО2екв

Term of building

Energy consumption

60 ths. t/year

117,8 ths. t/year

45…48 month

42 MW-h/day

Project efficiency

The main goal of this project is to solve problem of disposal of hazardous waste, including worn car tires, on the basis of pyrolysis installation with getting of fual-energy resources (FER) (combustible gas and oil from the division for heavy and light fraction) and industrially useful materials (technical carbon and metallic scrap).

Received FER will be used for the own needs at the enterprises of the city, besides in the way of their burning at CJSC “Bilotserkivska CHP” which supplies technological energy types (steam, heat water, electricity) to CJSC “Rosava”, that will help to reduce dependence on external energy.

Project socio-economic consequences

The project implementation will have the raw of socio-economic consequences for the enterprise and region, such as:

  • has the demonstrative effect, because in Ukraine implementation of the highly productive pyrolysis facilities for worn tires utilization (industrial technology) will be used firstly;
  • leads to the improvement of the ecological climate in the region, increases deductions to the local budgets of all levels, such as social needs, precludes the reduction of workstation amount and improves the working conditions;
  • revives the economic activity due to attraction of the local engineers and contractor for project implementation;
  • improves the general efficiency of the secondary energy resources treatment and in such a way will improve the condition of cognate enterprises at the market;
  • has the positive influence on saving of the workstation amount, immediately or indirectly dependent on the activity of the cognate enterprises.

The project implementation will also assist to Ukraine rapprochement with countries of the European Union, where according to the specific directive “About dumps”, which was signed on April 2th, 1999, since 2003 the inhibition on burning and sepulture of intact tires was adopted, and since 2006 – tires sepulture, cut into pieces.


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