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Conducting of environmental audits and inspections of certain facilities and systems of environmental protection in order to develop recommendations to improve their performance Print E-mail

Environmental Audit:

The Law of Ukraine On Environmental Audit sees the audit as a way to ensure compliance of business or any other activity with applicable environment protection regulations and to make proper arrangements for environmental improvement of enterprises undergoing comprehensive modernization through implementation of energy saving projects based on state-of-the-art technologies of airspace and water basins protection and waste utilization.

Principal goals and objectives of environmental audit include:

  • collection of reliable information on environmental aspects of audited object’s operational activity as basis for environmental audit opinion;
  • verification of audited object’s compliance with environment protection law requirements and other environmental audit criteria;
  • assessment of audited object’s environmental impact;
  • assessment of efficiency, comprehensiveness, and justification of environmental protection measures at audited objects;
  • support of business entities in regulating their environmental policies and prioritization of preventive measures aimed to assure their compliance with environmental requirements, rules, and regulations;
  • creation of instruments to implement key environmental management and sustainable development guidelines;
  • integration of environmental efforts in other areas of activity.

Information for Environmental Audit Recipients

Environmental audit (inspection) is a non-compulsory routine and is performed on request of business entities. Audits may be initiated by industrial enterprises and companies, international finance institutions, or private investors who wish to obtain objective assessment of environmental aspects of business operation for planning purposes, selection of optimal development strategy, or making investment decisions.

Environmental audit results serve as the basis for decisions on as follows:

  • company compliance or non-compliance with applicable regulatory requirements;
  • effectiveness of the existing (environment) management system;
  • magnitude of potential environmental risks and graveness of their consequences;
  • environmental and economical feasibility of operations.

Types of Environmental Audit:

  • comprehensive environmental audit of an enterprise that includes detection, analysis, and identification of ways to address the enterprise’s environmental challenges, supported by a Report, an Opinion, and Recommendations;
  • environmental audit during privatization, ownership change, or bankruptcy;
  • environmental audit of environment management systems;
  • environmental audit for environmental insurance purposes;
  • pre-investment environmental audit;
  • environmental audit of waste handling cycles;
  • environmental audit for eco-labelling purposes.

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